Who’s Replacing Will Grier?

Football fans like Menas Hiras are expecting a lot of interesting developments coming from West Virginia, what with the many changes happening over at the West Virginia Mountaineers. For one, Coach Dana Holgorsen has left his post and will be replaced by Troy’s (formerly) Neal Brown. Then there’s the issue of the team’s quarterback.

The year is marked by transitions and turnovers for the Mountaineers. With the change in coaches, observers expect them to adopt Brown’s more traditional four-man front defense instead of Holgorsen’s 3-3-5 defense. But more importantly, they are losing several names from their roster this season, including quarterback Will Grier.

Who will eventually take over Grier’s post is a solid question among fans and observers, but two names have surfaced as immediate favorites. There’s Austin Kendall, who transferred from Oklahoma. During his time at Norman, he sat behind Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, both of whom received the Heisman in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Many are saying the third might just be the charm, with Kendall bringing home his very own Heisman as the Mountaineer’s quarterback.

Mayfield and Murray’s examples are a tough act to follow indeed, but Oklahoma has been churning out excellent quarterbacks over the years. Kendall isn’t without skills of his own either—back in 2016, he was ranked as the 12-best quarterback of his recruiting class. Experts have also recognized his talents in the field.

The other favorite for the job is Miami transfer Jack Allison. He joined the University of Miami (UM) football team as a four-star recruit from Palmetto High. He redshirted for a year, but transferred to West Virginia in 2017 without having had the chance to actually play offense in a game. He is expected to put up a strong fight for quarterback.

Menas Hiras, like other fans of the game, looks forward to the Mountaineers’ performance this year. After all, changes don’t always bode ill—if played right, the Mountaineers could be looking at their best season yet.

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