Welcome to the WordPress blog for Menas Hiras, where you’ll learn everything you need and want to know about Menas. This blog will focus on a huge variety of topics, in particular, sports and law school, but will also include a few stories on the importance of giving back to your community.

Menas is an athlete and works out a lot during his free time. Expect articles on sports and personal training in this blog, including advice on proper diet and how to improve your form and constitution, as well as to stay healthy in general. If the occasion allows it, this blog may even feature a commentary or two on recent events in sports.

Because Menas plans on going to law school soon, you can also expect a few articles on what it’s like to be a law student. Watch out for advice on preparing for your law school application, as well as your LSATs.

Finally, expect some pieces on the importance of community and how you can give back to it any way and any time that you can. Discover how you can do so while celebrating your heritage, too, and balancing different priorities.

So have fun reading this blog and don’t hesitate to give us a comment.

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